The word addiction in the dictionary is defined as, “The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming”. The very word suggests then that addiction is a “BRAIN DISORDER”. Whether it is working out to much, eating to much, or to little, or the destructive habit of substance abuse, all will be affected. People who engage in addiction based habits, usually do not consider the psychological or the physical tull that the addiction will have on them. If you eat to much, many diseases come with it it, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. If you don’t eat enough, then many nutritional problems will come with it. In the end, no defeating addiction is good for you.

At New Life Recovery, we are aware that there are many highly addictive substances available to the public. We also know that those who get involved in such addictive behaviors, that often times, the reason for the drug or alcohol use is not something you will find on the surface, but something that is much deeper.

In order to fully change the addiction, the root cause MUST be addressed. Addressing the root cause before working on the addiction is the only way to guarantee success. There are many mental disorders that contribute to “self medicating”, such as, Ptsd, Bipolar, depression, anxiety, and much more. Not only do these mental disorders contribute to substance abuse, but also the complexities of life do as well. We live in a very busy world where it is hard to keep up. This can take a toll on our personal lives, or the lives of our family. Divorce and the downfall of the family often come with it leaving a messy wake in its path, and those affected by it looking for anything to help them feel better.

So in order to get the long lasting benefits, Therapy is a must and equally important to the substance therapy. One cannot work without the other.
So let’s go to work and not only help you get over your addiction, but also the past that has contributed to it. Together I know we can.