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New Life Recovery helps both men and women recover from the debilitating disease of addiction. In the privacy of our inpatient treatment center, our Recovery team immediately goes to work to create the best individualized treatment program that fits your unique needs. We are aware that everyone has their own special set of circumstances that has led to their addiction problems, thus we know that Recovery truly can happen best if you are not put into a one size fits all box.

Treatment Options

Individualized therapy
DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
Moral Recognition


New life Recovery gave me the foundation to better control the life I now live today.  I was given the priceless opportunity to consult with professional counselors and mentors who inspired me to take my life back into my own hands.  Thank you New Life Recovery!
Jen D.
New Life Recovery is where I began my journey to recovery. I am very grateful for the life I can live today. During my recovery, I was given therapy and tools to help me get my life back on track. I couldn’t have done it without the help from my friends at New Life Recovery.
Donald C.
The professionals at New Life Recovery center gave me a fuller life to live! Without this program, I would not be where I am today with over a year being free from my past addictions. New Life showed me and helped me to start my recovery. They have a great inpatient facility and outpatient program so you can find something to fit your needs. I owe everything to New Life Recovery.
Sierra B.
When I was born, my biological mother adopted me off to a single mother. By the time I was in my early teens, my mother really didn’t want anything to do with me and would pawn me off with whomever she could. I found myself living in college dorms with people much older than myself who wanted nothing more than to be either high or drunk. Soon, I found myself doing the same thing. I started smoking marijuana and drinking. The marijuana quickly changed to meth. I had two children of my own that I had to adopt away. After a while, I realized what I was doing and sought help. The help I got from those at New Life Recovery turned my life around and gave me new direction. Today, I am married with two children of whom mean the world to me. I also work at my job everyday, (something I would have never been able to do before) and find purpose in life being sober.
Jessica H
I grew up near the top of my class. I was popular, everyone seemed to like me and like hanging out with me. One day some horrible events happened in my life, I turned to drugs and alcohol. The drugs I was using caused a form of schizophrenia that created even more problems for me. I got help from New Live Recovery. Life is much better now than what it was. I am drug and alcohol free with a wonderful family. If you are struggling with addiction, call them, it will be the best call you ever make.
Cory B


New Life Recovery has contracted with some of the best medical practitioners in the area. Our medical team will perform a thorough physical, making sure that your overall health is good so that treatment can be most effective.